First Post!

To steal a line from trolling YouTube commenters, first post! I’ve never been good at writing an introductory post, telling you about me, this blog, etc. . . . so I’ll just dive into it.

In a World, a World Where One Can Level Through a Dungeon System.

So lately in World of Warcraft I’ve been leveling a resto druid with the new looking for dungeon system, have to say I love it. It’s been easy and relaxing, queue, up, idly go gather flight paths heal a dungeon, repeat. It’s now 62 and just continuing to truck through the levels. Having leveled a disci priest in TBC I can safely say it’s much better, but every system has pros and cons so lets discuss those.

Pros to LFD Leveling

Well most of these -should- be fairly obvious I’d think, no travel time, ease of use, lets you level a healer or tank much easier. It’s still not as fast as good quest grinding for a dps, but rewards are much better, and if you get a good group it can be competitive for the XP with the experience boost for doing a random.

Cons to LFD Leveling

Some of these I feel may be obvious, some may not be, I hope not everything I write is obvious because why else would you come here? But the first big drawback I see is just..missing most of Azeroth, there are so many fun and epic quests, beautiful scenery, enough lore to make a dungeons and dragons player drool, that you could very easily miss just dungeon hopping.

Another big con is the players you meet. I’m sure we all hear about failpugs at 80, but dear god failpugs prior to 80 make 80 failpugs look intelligent. A mage who kept crying over not being able to need mail spellpower gear? The resto druid asking nicely for everyone to greed because there’s so little caster leather till Northrend. Yes I’m talking to you cloth wearing casters who snubbed your nose at me! No more will my yummy hots of healing touch your frail and pathetic bodies!

The last con is one I’m not sure if people think about but it’s learning where these dungeons are. Had a wipe in Blood Furnace due to people standing on technician landmines while I was chain silenced (yes, yes I hate these enemies, yes I do, I hate these enemies how about you?) Okay enough of that, but we wiped, we released and literally 15 minutes later I was ressing 3 of them because they couldn’t find the dungeon. I laughed the first time this happened, but, after seeing more than a dozen groups not be able to find the instances, say Underbog and I have to run back and ress everyone, it makes me want to slap some heads and be like ‘learn where these damn instances are before you queue for them, mmmkay?’

But enough ranting!

Gaming Corner of Solitude

So, I really don’t have money, new consoles, or a new computer to run games, so I look at older games. The latest game I’ve been playing that most people have played burned out on and are already betaing the ten year sequel of is of course as you may have guessed, Starcraft.

Now the main thing to remember is; I -suck- at RTS games, even though I like playing them. I won’t talk much about the beauty of the multiplayer because I myself don’t enjoy it much, since fifteen seconds into any game, I lose. The single player game however is beautiful. With a very fluid story, and all of the races playing very differently after ‘make lots of supply drones’ it makes for a very enjoyable experience.

But every good game (especially such a sacred cow) isn’t perfect, I installed it on Windows 7 and had some very serious color issues until I got a program called Chaoslauncher to let me run it in a window (from what I know a program like this breaks the ToS and thus I wouldn’t recommend it for multiplayer.) The other issue is that the briefing screen and the voices you find there really make me want to cringe after the 800th time seeing the same screen and seeing the same faces. The voice acting isn’t great, though it is far far better than say red alert 1 & 2. The soundtrack is very nice though, the sound effects are very unique and fun, and overall the game is a very good experience. I highly recommend it to anybody getting into RTS or wanting a nice nostalgia feeling before jumping into Starcraft 2.

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