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I’ve often felt one of the weak points of blogging is it’s lack of well, how shall I say, quality control. Ethical and Literary are both as equally as important I feel, I also feel it should be explained to the readers what my expectations are of myself as a writer. It’s odd, in many ways I do fall into the trap of double standards, my standards for others is much lower, and my respect and understanding of what they do and why are much higher than those I hold myself to.
For example, I will never try to advertise my blog on someplace that isn’t blatantly an advertising board for blogs (Blog Azeroth, for example,) without the site owners permission, and even then I’d probably be hesitant to, on the simple grounds that I feel if my site is worthy of it, people will link to it. If it’s not something they actually want to share with it, well that’s -my- issue and I should work harder to put out good material. Yet I do not begrudge anyone who does link to their blog in a comment, a post, etc. . .

I’ve also always struggled to know where the line of sharing needs to be placed, I feel if you share nothing with your readers about your real life, you lose a critical bonding with them, yet if you talk too much about your real life, well there are obviously a lot of issues from people knowing too much, and from making your blog a very dull retelling of your week/day. While still in it’s infancy, I’ve tried to avoid posting anything about my real life, mostly because I want you all to see the content that I want to be the focus of this blog, and to let you see my voice as a writer before you see me as a person.

I will also probably keep this blog mostly PG-13, but as shown in my girl gamer post, I am not above going into risque topics if it’s an interesting topic, worthy of discussion. I will try to avoid cliches though, and I hope to never be accused of fan service or being overly vulgar. My goal is for nobody to ever be ashamed of being seen reading my works, I hope to never have to post a NSFW tag, or to hear about an issue of someone reading one of my posts in front of say a younger family member or a parent. Yet do not think that adult topics will never cross this page, if you -are- a parent, I leave it up to you to review my posts and decide whether I’m someone you want your child reading or knowing about.

So to sum in up, a bit simply, things that I will try my very best to do, that you readers should call me out for if I fail at any of these are:

Timely updates, with breaks and pauses explained, never to go more than absolutely necessary without at least telling you why my updates are not going as planned. Though the goal is to update Monday through Friday far more consistently than not.

To always strive for the best quality posts I can, with spell checks, good topics, and hopefully good opinions. My English will probably never be perfect, and I’ve always struggled with good grammar, this is not an excuse, but me explaining one of my failings. Hopefully as time passes and people comment and make fun of me for it, it’ll get better.

To be honest, with both you and myself, to never feel like I have to sacrifice my true opinions on subjects to appease someone. If I think something, or even somebody sucks, it is my -duty- to not hide it from my readers if I decide to talk about it. If it’s something or somebody I do not wish to slander, then it is best to say nothing at all than to lie.

To try to keep the site as ad-free as I can. I’m using and not a personal webhost, so if blogger institutes an ad policy, there is little I’ll be able to do to stop it, without finding funds to host my blog on my own webhost, which currently I couldn’t find. But I will never add advertisements manually.

And lastly, I will try to respond to readers nice enough to give me feedback. To respond to comments as soon as I can, and to make sure my readers know I appreciate them. While I would probably still write and post even without readers, having readers makes it a far nicer experience, and constructive feedback will help me grow as a writer, and to those who grow with me, hopefully they can be proud of where I end up, knowing where I started.

Things I will not promise or strive to do:

I will not respond very long to an obvious troll or flamer.

I will not sugarcoat my posts, or promote something I do not feel is worthy of promotion.

I will not tolerate spamming of any kind that I can get rid of.

I do not promise every post will be politically correct.

I do not promise I will not make mistakes.

I do not promise I will never miss an update.

I do not promise a cookie to every reader.

Consider this my guideline in every post to you the reader, and I will try to uphold it to the best of my ability, if I fail to do so, I not only let you down, but I let myself down. Hopefully this is some insight into the goals of what I write as well, as well as a good insight into the content that is on, and will be on Digital Incorrectness.

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