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Gamecrush. Online Prostitution or…No Wait, it’s Only Online Prostitution.

To those of you who may not have heard, a new service called Gamecrush is allegedly launching. Cnet covered it here: . I like to call it ‘chatroullete’ for gamers. Basically you can pay a girl to chat or game or both with you for the low price of roughly $10 per 10 minutes! (Not exact figures, but close enough.) Higher rated ‘Playdates’ (girl gamers) cost more. Lower quality games (ie: checkers) cost less. That’s the theory anyway.

Girls can set their profiles to two options Flirty (guessing PG-13 rated?) and Dirty (guessing R rated?) Not sure where that line is drawn or the difference between them. Girls are rated on the following criteria: Hotness, Gaming Skill, Flirtiness, and Dirtiness.

They plan to add World of Warcraft later, currently it’s mostly X-Box 360 games and a few random games like checkers, battleship, etc. .

While I personally have never had an issue with the X-rated webcam shows, phone sex, etc. . . as long as it’s two consenting adults, I think I have to take offense to this. Not because it’s a pay money to girls for their bodies’ type deal, but simply because it’s stealthing as a shared hobby club type thing. A person who’s never used another similar service may look at this one and consider it on the ground that it’s just ‘paying to play with other gamers’ and not ‘paying to stare and talk to hot unobtainable girls’ playing up the self dignity factor while leeching from the wallet.

Considering from what I’ve read, that they hired off craigslist and many girls in the beta were girls working in the pornography industry, I have to say two things, number one, there’s no way in heck an average guy, if any guy has a chance with them, and two, they are going to SUCK at gaming.

Now I’m a gamer girl, and a darn good one I like to think. I can hold my own in most games (save real time strategies, there I get roflstomped) but I’ve been playing games my whole life. I wonder how many of these girls just looking for easy money are going to completely suck at games. If I pay $10 to play with somebody I expect them to be -darn- good or at least okay. I sense most people are just going to chat and be like ‘no, no, after killing you 14 times with one bullet, lets just chat.” And gaming skill given it’s only 1/4th what you’re rated on, with basically how whorish you are being the other 3 quarters is going to make for a very skewed rating system.

But the biggest and most valid concern I’ve heard is that it could technically be illegal. Not like go to jail or fine your butt illegal, but it violates the 360’s agreement, or could. When you sign onto X-box live, part of the terms of service has a clause about prostitution and profiteering. Basically saying they’re bad juju and your account can be murdelized for it. (Yes murdelized is now a word.) I’m not sure if Gamecrush has struck some kind of deal with Microsoft, if they found a loophole or they just didn’t think it through, but this seems like a very bad idea.

It’ll be interesting to see when it launches and isn’t down due to sheer sever overload (or so they claim.)

GAB News!

Welcome to a fine edition of GAB News with your host, Holly *mumbles out last name*. Today in gaming news, Narcissu 2 after nearly 3 years in translation finally got released this week. Sources say that the nickname “Narcissu Forever” may no longer be used, and that a fancier new nickname “Narcissu 2” may be used. A review to this game should be going up Monday and an Interview with the translator, Agilis of should be going up shortly after.

In other news, the gnomes rampage on their home city of Gnomeregan is going poorly. We have quotes from one trauma victim, a level 80 gnome mage who wishes to remain anonymous “I could one shot them with a palm pyro, but they just…kept…coming…back.” It seems that with their R.E.S.P.A.W.N. (Revitalizing Energy Surge Pointed at Annihilated Whining Noobs.) technology currently the troggs, inferior in every way to the gnomes, are managing to hold out.

You have been listening to GAB news.  This is Holly signing out.  Tune in tomorrow night when we cover the mystery surrounding a certain green plumber’s demise involving an accident during a particularly intense auto-erotic asphyxiation session.

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