Goodbye Days.

In a World, a World Where People Stop Raiding.

I quit 3 of my 6 raids earlier this week. For a myriad of reasons, my work schedule changed slightly, some personal issues, some issues with the raiders, etc. . . And partly just because I realized I was raiding more than 25 hours a week, which is just a bit more time than I really wanted to dedicate to the game. But the real issue I had, was trying to tell the raid leaders that I couldn’t raid with them anymore.

I absolutely loved all 3 raids for the most part. They were filled mostly with people I really liked, enjoyed talking to, enjoyed playing with. It was fun to rush in with blades, maces, magic, healing magic waving high, fighting to take back the Icecrown Citadel with my comrades in arms, finding myself highly disappointed that in all of Azeroth it seems that less than 30 people are storming the citadel, our ten raiders, and then roughly 15-20 NPC’s strewn about. You’d think with 4 major major capitals, so many small outposts, a training ground in the form of the Argent Tournament, we’d have a small army going in with us, at least in the hundreds should be charging with us towards the Lich King, but no, we go way of a surgical strike. A task force of 10 designed, trained, and specializing in killing those bosses, then stripping their bodies and lairs of their loot. (Though I’m not asking where my gut busting mace came from on Patricide’s bodyguard)

But when I had decided it was time for me to dull my edge a bit, put down my talents, and head out into the world, it was a hard decision. How could I tell the people I’d fought along side for for so long that it was time for me to go? After a recent disaster in one of them, of our healer either deleting or transferring their character due to some drama from a heroic of all things, and us being left to struggle and find a replacement, I was afraid bitter taste in their mouth might taint my well thought out decision, and as sad as it may be to some people, these people had evolved into friends.

Saying Goodbye.

The first person to tell is of course the raid leader. As many of you may not know, the raid leader’s job isn’t just to organize the raid, run it, and be knowledgeable of it, it’s to have a brain aneurysm whenever unexpected problems come up in a raid. There’s a small pop and some part of them dies whenever somebody doesn’t show up for raid, so telling them in such a way that their brain doesn’t burst is in your and your former raid’s best interest.

Be polite, and honest, and try to give as much warning as you can. Since it wasn’t life or death it’s not hard for me to offer to stay until they find a replacement so that progression wasn’t terribly upset at me taking a side. Luckily with my recent health issues nearly all of these raids had back-ups already for me, it was just promoting them to full members that was a bit rough.

The next thing is to make sure your reasons for leaving are known. I had a lot of reasons to leave, but I also listed the positive things about the raid, thanked them for accepting me by peer review basically to join them in their heroic conquest of places like the Icecrown Citadel. Remember that raiding is a privilege, not a right, and even if you -are- the raid leader, you’re honestly only there because you’re working together with 9 or 24 other people who think you and them are good enough to work together and complete a common goal, to murder and plunder those what are ‘evil’ then strip down what they have and distribute it.

Some people here though may be leaving for a different reason. One that is very valid, and a more sensitive reason to leave. They want to move on to a guild that is further up the progression ladder. They feel they’ve reached the limit of what they can do with the current raid, and a spot has opened up for them in a guild that is just farther along for whatever reason, and that reason is enough to make you hungry for it. This is -not- a bad thing, but it is the hardest reason to leave a current raid I think. In this case, I still think being honest is the best possibility but remember you’d probably never be considered for the spot if not for your current raid, and you need to let them know they weren’t just a stepping stone to you (if they were, theeeeen, I don’t think you have an issue just telling them ‘lulz bye suckers, but, I’m assuming no-one is just using their raid when reading my way to quit a raid, I like hiding in my naivety bubble,) and that you’re grateful for what they’ve done and that you hope one day they make you regret leaving by surpassing where you’re moving to at lightning speed.

So to all the raids that lost me as a member this week, I’m sorry I couldn’t continue to face the challenges along side you, but I still fight beside you in spirit! Make sure you do a trademark defiling of the Lich King for me, teabagging his face a few times for good measure.

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