The Roleplay Response, Windrider Edition

Sorry there was no update yesterday, real life caught up to me and I didn’t have time to schedule a post like I would have hoped to do. But oh well, it gave more screen time for Narcissu, which is always a good thing. Thank you to the people who e-mailed me, any feedback is always appreciated even negative feedback. Want to tell me that you want a pure Warcraft blog? Tell me you want a pure Warcraft blog, want less Warcraft and more gaming? Tell me, I may not listen it is -my- blog but hey readers are fun, and to a point every blogger wants readers and wants to to some level without compromising themselves make their readership happy.

In a World, a World Where People Do Things Other Than Raid.

Most people I know that play World of Warcraft have little side things thaey do in the game, some sort of collection, some sort of past time. Be it infamous altaholism. (My name is Holly, and I’m an altaholic, it’s ruined my relationship with my mains, but now we have cooler parties.) It could also be PvP, achievements, or collections of various types (vanity pets, mounts, tabards, outfits) but I think everyone can agree that there are things outside of raiding that catch our attention. In the context of this post, I’m going to talk specifically about roleplaying.

This post is mostly inspired by last Friday, where during Blue Plz (a shoutcast ran by Totalbiscuit of ) I won a contest for sending in the best topic to chat about. My topic was about that with Blizzard seeming to support roleplaying by even having roleplaying realms, that it wasn’t unreasonable to devote development resources for the roleplaying aspect of the game.

Totalbiscuit however is an endgamer, raiding is his game. He too does however seem to have a small murloc themed collection. He argued however that while it wasn’t unreasonable to devote development resources to roleplaying, he didn’t feel it deserved it till Blizzard started enforcing roleplay policy.

Most of my characters are on Feathermoon, but only two of them are in roleplaying guilds. And Feathermoon is an entirely roleplaying server. I can also safely say that the general and trade chats are not monitored, and save for name violations on occasion, that the roleplaying rules are rarely enforced.
I forget the blog I read it on, and I’d be grateful if somebody could point me at it so I can give credit next post, but it was about a roleplaying event one of the servers held in one of the world arenas that let you fight your own faction. A gladiator event where the contests dueled to death in the ring, with spectators happily watching, shops set up, etc. . and one butthead decided to ruin it for everyone by rushing in and trying to kill both combatants. Eventually his interference got so annoying they had to move it out of the arena, and into duels.

The person who wrote the blog post as well as many others tried to report the person for harrassing a roleplaying event. They got a copy paste result that was basically ‘blizzard can’t interfere with PvP when the person was flagged for PvP.’ After reposting his ticket, clearly stating the harassment rule and getting a bit blunt with the GM team, they finally got a response from a GM who was apathetic and set forth to doing something about it.

In the end, this upsets me, that roleplayers not only have to fight the community, even on a roleplaying server, but that they have to also fight with Blizzard about it. In the topic discussion I started on Blue Plz, Totalbiscuit went to say that they should offer free transfers to and from rp realms for a 2 week trial period or something similar, to let non-roleplayers get off, and serious roleplayers to transfer on.

What I don’t agree with what Totalbiscuit said was that until Blizzard cracked down on roleplaying rules that nothing should be wasted on roleplaying. Just because the GM team isn’t as crackdown as they should be, should that stop roleplayers from enjoying new content aimed at roleplayers? More than some white or gray trash vendor. Maybe some new emotes? Roleplaying events not revolved around holidays? I don’t think they should put things into anything like roleplaying themed areas etc. . .

When I think about that, it makes me wonder how I’d feel if they stopped creating vanity pets simply because it was a ‘waste of resources.’ The people it’s targeted at are still there. My example is soup kitchens. A lot of soup kitchens don’t enforce who gets a bowl of soup, they don’t check every person who comes in claiming to be homeless. But just because they don’t have a machine set up there to check everyone’s social security number doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run or have the soup kitchen, because even if 75% of them are douches getting a free meal, that’s still 25% that get a meal the otherwise may not have had that week.

In other news, to those who are curious what I won, I won the code for one of the in-game windrider cubs and it is oh my god adorable, and I’m now up to over 125 pets, yes I like my vanity pets, no I don’t care about mounts and squee do I want to hug it.


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