Your Request is my Post if it’s Interesting Enough.

First off, sorry again for yesterday. I could barely move.

Second off, a post by Larisa at the Pink Pigtail Inn just really reinforced how much I’m disliking all these mood swings with Cataclysm I’m seeing. People going ‘if they keep their promises I’ll quit!’ people going ‘If they keep their promises it’ll be the best game evar.’ People wondering about what impact the expansion will have, and I have to say in the end, my opinion is just to wait.

Blizzard is notorious for changing their mind, and I’m definitely not saying don’t keep up with the news, or post your opinions on it in official forums, I’m just tired of it overpowering everything else. Larisa’s post about becoming a ghoul is probably the post I’ve enjoyed most from her in a while.

So my intent is to try to focus on the game as is, and not worry about Cataclysm till about a month before launch where things go from being small whispers off the coast to being set in sand (I’d say rock but even then so much can change, look at wrath the month prior to launch)

And on that note, by request.

Holly’s Guide to Ghouling 101.

So that jerk of a death knight turned you into a ghoul eh? Want to show them up by proving you pay attention and can outdo them as a -ghoul-? Well this isn’t the post for you, but! I will try to help you with the basics of doing more as a ghoul than standing there, or running and going “SPOOOOOON” before hitting the blowup button.

First off, ghoul’s use energy and they do so rather poorly, but get past that and the moves are fairly straight forward. The moves are as follows with tooltips.

1.) Claw – 40 energy. Claws the enemy causing damage. Awards one frenzy point.

Fairly obvious, it does more damage than white damage, and it awards basically a combo point for your second move.

2.) Thrash – 35 energy. 10 second cooldown. A physical attack injuring the foe. Causes more damage per frenzy point.

It also lists a bunch of numbers that don’t really matter more points = more damage.

3.) Gnaw – 30 energy. 1 minute cooldown. Chew a limb off the target, stunning them for 3 seconds and dealing damage.

A little utility, maybe let you stop a caster, or stop that thing chasing after a healler, more situational and if raised during a boss fight all but useless.

4.) Leap – 10 energy. 5-30 yard range. 20 second cooldown. Leap behind the target, friend or enemy.

Charge and intercept rolled into one! Best way to get in and start digging your claws into the boss.

5.) Huddle – 10 energy. Channeled. 45 second cooldown. Go into a defensive crouch, reducing the damage taken from melee attacks, ranged attacks, and spells by 50% for 10 seconds.

On Koralon’s fire wavey thing, surrounded by ice orbs and know the healler isn’t going to heal your pet themed ghoul? Pop this so you can survive.

6.) Explode – 1.23 second cast. Explode, destroying the Ghoul and causing Shadow damage to all enemies within 5 yards. Damage dealt is equal to 25% of the ghoul’s current health.

When I did this I was sitting on about 16k hp, so it’d deal 4k to one target on a boss fight, or 4k to each enemy around me in a group pull.

So Now I Know Da Moves, but What Do I Do With Them?

Good question me! The answer is leap into range, right click to start autattacking from behind in a melee like fashion and hit claw (button 1) 5 times, then thrash (button 2) to hit really hard. Repeat, when time is almost up, or you sense you’ll die soon, or there’s a massive aoe pull, or the battlerez timer just got off cooldown and you got it, run up and hit explode! (button 6)


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