The Ultimate Meta-Post of Penultimate Destiny Ultimate Edition ZX

Okay, so I got bored with the title. But honestly I’m just going to lump some ideas in here that are humorous or interesting to me, but just not quite epic enough for their own post, or kind of too off the wall to flesh off fully.

Differences in 25 man and 10 man Loot.

After all the drama lately revolving around 25 and 10 dropping the same loot and sharing the same lockout a friend of mine who doesn’t play World of Warcraft actually got whiff of it and asked me how different the loot really is. My response went like this:

Me: The differences between 25 man and 10 man loot, while the stats are way better, it’s that little flair you have to look at I think to truly see the difference. So lets look at some of those really interesting items in each.

25 man raider: Hey look! I have a staff that summons winged valkyries bathed in white light to fight along side me.

10 man raider: I get, a staff that summons a little ghoul thing!

25 man raider: Hey look, if I do heroic mode, I get a winged undead pegasus!

10 man raider: I get…..a better statted staff of the same name that summons a little ghoul thing.

25 man raider: Look, I do an epic quest chain and get a legendary axe that sucks the souls out of things and then unleashes the souls in a powerful ‘zomg your eyebrows are gone’ blast!

10 man raider: I um, get a staff, that summons a little ghoul thing?

It’s never been that the loot is better that truly bothered me, it’s the fact that blizzard seems to design the 25 man loot, take 90% of it away, downgrade it in every concievable way, take away anything interesting or unique about it, then call it 10 man loot.

Blizzard’s never been known for their gear models to be great, so stats and fun procs are really the only thing that sets certain items apart, and you just don’t see them in 10 man. It’s like Lucky Charms without the marshmallows, kind of bland and just….blah.

Things to Tip You Off About a Bad Pugger.

With gear score becoming a silly way to measure skill given even the most scrub of players probably have some 264 gear, achievements being nye pointless to, how do you identify quickly the likelihood of a person being a nublet?

First off, check the name, names are not always a good measure, but they’re far better than gearscore or achievements in my opinion. Is the name something that seems like a really poor attempt to describe themselves, their role, or their class? IE: Whozdatank, Ihatetodie, lotsahealsforyou, pallyofsexy? Chances are, you have someone with slight mental damage, also known as a bad pugger. Second big tip in the name is if their name involves a class they are not currently ‘druidhealz’ the rogue for example, probably is not a very good rogue.

While gear -score- may be a bad way of identifying a nooblet, inspecting their gear isn’t! Do they have gems that make sense; IE: every socket is filled with the appropriate +str, +spellpower, or +agi, or even +armor pen gem? If you see crit gems, random gems, stam gems, spell pen gems, run for the hills, these are not true PvE’ers, though they may be PvP’ers. Next, check the gear itself, is it things bought with badges easily? Or VoA drops? If yes, be wary. If you don’t see one piece that can’t be crafted, bought, or won in the VoA lottery, there’s a chance you have a scrub.

How they type to you. This is the easiest, and in my opinion most conclusive test to see if somebody has the brainpower of a mollusk. Say hello, ask a random question, maybe about how they feel about the dungeon, do you see aolspeak? Ie: c instead of see, u instead of you, b4 instead of before? If you have aolspeak, be prepared to make up for the brain damage of the poor individual.

Flask, Food, Buff?

Something that’s always bothered me about an instance is people expecting buffs, mage tables, cookies, etc. .. yet do not expect food buffs or flasks. The argument can easily be made that flasks cost too much for a dungeon run, but is the cost of food really that much greater than the cost of reagents? Particular to the poor priest or mage who has to use 3-4. It’s not something that’s bothered me greatly but if you’re going to get completely anal about the mage giving you int, can you really say it’s fair to just shrug off a food buff that is probably -more- helpful than an int or stam buff? Just something that’s crossed my mind more than once.

Party/Raidwide Buffs.

Does anyone else get a slight disorientation with the 5% buff in dungeons and 15% in ICC? As a tank it really messes with my head to have 43k hp to like 46k to like 60k and very little changing save my location, as a dps my numbers fluctuating so wildly I have no idea what to claim my dps is anymore ‘it’s 80 billion here, 76 billion here, and naked I do 7’


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