This Week in, the World of Warcraft.

So lately I’ve been trying to slap gear on my Paladin, which I’m finding much more difficult than I think it should be. I decided to work on a ret set first, then my holy set, mostly because I had a few more pieces that could work for ret, than holy, and to be frank, it’s a lot easier to be a terrible dps, than a terrible healer for a group.
But why is it difficult you might ask? Could it be painfully long queues? No, I’m fine with them, they’re still way faster than getting dungeons used to be. Could it be getting really annoying instances like Old Kingdom, Halls of Stone, or Occulus? No, I’m looking for badges, and these are wonderful for badges. No, what I’m running into is a wall of jerks.
I can understand when somebody gets angry if someone’s underperforming. But when I get called out for my gear score halfway through an instance, and vote kicked when I’m topping the meter, that doesn’t even make -sense- much less seem fair in any sense of the word. I had roughly a 3k gear score, and I was pulling, you guessed it, roughly 3k dps. Now, maybe I’m really really stupid, but isn’t 3k sufficient for most heroics? Especially when somebody with 5k gear score is pulling 1800 dps and this is fine?
Gear score has always annoyed me, but to me the only reason for the badge system being the way it is is to gear for raids easier. But when I’m stopped from doing that because my gear score is too low? The mind boggles. And if it was an isolated instance, I’d be more forgiving, ignore the idiots, but I’ve been kicked for gear score near 15 times in 2 days, and I feel I’m pulling my weight in basic heroics.
Entitled casuals, and people who are just completely uninformed have managed to ruin, in my opinion, the only reason for the badge system. What is 3k gear score, 200 average in each slot? Isn’t that what drops -in- heroics and that’s not acceptable for heroics by what seems to be the majority of puggers? Not that that’s saying much, but I wonder if anybody else has this issue? If I’d been in HoR, PoS, or even FoS? I could understand having a gripe, but in UK, Violet Hold, Halls of Lightning? Does that make sense?
Sorry this post is all “RAWR” but that’s how I feel. I like to think I do my best to be fair, and this just rubs me in the wrong way entirely. I’ve never been a fan of gear score, but when having gear equivalent to what drops there, in the place that people expect others to gear up.
I’ve been let down by the WoW community, again. I really should learn to just give up on them.

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