Now no more yucky general gaming posts in your wow blog.

So as you may have noticed, I’ve imported my blog history to both my blogs, though it’s kind of a mixture of general gaming and wow posts.  First off, this was easier, and maybe one day I’ll go back through and edit out the old ones.  But for the most part, I don’t want to forget the old posts, I figure if you stuck with me through that, you don’t mind them being there, and if you didn’t, well, you’re keeping up with the new ’seperate’ format.  And if there are any issues in the transition or adding the new feed to the feedreader, please e-mail digitalincorrectness at live dot com

As always, this is going to be a very general WoW blog, that’s mostly my experiences, opinions, views, and feelings with everything WoW I can think of at the time.  Nothing fancy, but very human, err, gnome?  …..night elf?   blood elf?   troll?   goblin?  Yes!  Goblin, no….wait, all of the above!

So let me start out by shouting from the rooftops

I WAS IN THE ALPHA, AND IT ANNOYED THE CRAP OUT OF ME.  There, I said it, I mostly wanted to smash things everytime I logged into it, I wanted to stab every bug, flaw, or missing feature.  Too many to even begin to report them, and generally unstable.  That said, it was the alpha.

NOW I’M IN THE BETA, AND I LOVE IT.  There we go.  But I am going to, as I said before, I’m still going to try to avoid posting much about Cataclysm, even though it might get me a bazillion readers.  (Bazillion now being a real number somewhere between 42 and 1,380,729,683, true story.)   Hopefully soon I’ll post my dislike of Death Knight Tanking Mechanics and why they make me bleed a little on the inside.  But, yay for a new site, and a new beginning!


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