I Could Never Be a Businesswoman

This is something that happens more often than not in WoW, and usually people just shrug off what I do, but this time, apparently it was ridiculous amounts of as one person put ‘stupid’ and another put ‘awesome.’  I was finishing my leveling in Uldum, and one of the ghosties in the pyramid happened to have a sheet of paper in his pants.  What was on the sheet of paper?  A design for a meta!  The agi+3% crit damage one.  So I posted in guild like I always do, something along the lines of ‘oh hai {linked item here}’ and our guild leader was like ‘congrats!’  someone else said “it’s worth 30k gold!’

I went back to questing and soon I got a whisper from the guildmaster “Going to sell it?”  I said I had no idea, and she said she’d buy it.  I didn’t realize there our guild didn’t have the patterns, they’d been murdering raid content from what I understood, so I assumed they had it.  So I just tossed it in Moll-E and sent it to my guildmaster, not giving it a second thought.

Yet later I got messages saying that was stupid or awesome depending on the person.  Really?  I mean, I don’t have a  JC I plan on leveling, sure I could have gotten a ton of gold and gotten like, epic flying or something, but I wasn’t in a hurry and it’s not like I was expecting the money?  I don’t know, I’m just glad someone I know could use it.  It also means when I need the meta for my enhancement shiny hat, they’ll give it to me!   I’ve usually ridden on the ‘barely enough gold to get by’ strategy though, and maybe t hat sort of thinking is what keeps me from going first string raider?  I don’t know, maybe that says something about your style of play?  To sell or to give.


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