Losing a friend, hard for all.

I guess I can thank Larisa for an almost follow up post to my last one where I talked about how I can shrug off losing a character, having hacked and slashed my ranks down to a bare minimum of characters, yet I don’t easily shrug off losing someone I admire, and who helped me get started.

Larisa over at the Pink Pigtail Inn, finally closed her doors, saying her interesting perspective on the game has run out, while I would argue with her about that, I understand she just doesn’t want to write anymore.  But it’s with a heavy heart that I write this.  She was an inspiration, a wonderful writer not even writing in her native tongue who just wanted to share her enthusiasm and personal insight into World of Warcraft.  Always taking a moment to plug her guild in the middle of her bubbly talk about the things that kept her going.

But over there the mood shifted, and as even she admitted, she’s not sure why.  Perhaps it’s blogging fatigue or even World of Warcraft Fatigue?  Perhaps it was another major launch of a WoW killer and losing too many close friends at once?  I’m not sure, she herself has written more than one time about the sadness of someone leaving the ‘community’ of World of Warcraft.  I’ve never believed in the idea of a real community in World of Warcraft, but the fact she did was important, the world through eyes of someone able to see the good in the game.

I always analyze mechanics, faults, techniques.  I’m more likely to write about how the boost in shaman healing has affected the game, than to write about how my guild’s RP event made me happy.  You were a light in my life, and I’m terribly sad you’ve finally gone dark,  I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you were part of my life and helped me find the courage to find my voice.

My doors are always open if you wish to have a pint Larisa, I don’t drink, but I’ll make sure to keep a bed warm, and a pint ready.


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