Humbled by Humanity, Huzzah Sacks of Mostly Water!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m extremely picky in who I respect and why.  Yet today, I lay here before you a humbled woman.  I fangirl pretty easily onto those I respect and cling tightly to those few people that have earned it.

I started a draft last night, the people of Extra Creditz (James Portnow, Danield Floyd, Allison Theus) sent out a call for help, Allison’s shoulder needed surgery in the next few months, or she couldn’t draw for the series anymore.  The price?  stupidly expensive, $15-20,000  and no insurance coverage due it being a ‘pre-existing conditon.’  I hurredly started tapping the keys prepared to try to reach the few people who still bother to read my silly opinions on this site.

I was going to explain how Extra Creditz and the interview with James was what prompted me to purchase my own webspace, and to think that maybe there was a hope I could get into this.  He really had no reason to do it, but he gave an interview to a tiny blog, with only a handful of readers.  He sees video games through a very Roddenberry lens, seeing a future where they can be entertaining, but that some might be awe inspiring, enriching, life-changing experiences.  They managed to make me not feel so alone being passionate for a media, and made me feel tiny and ignorant in comparison.  The insight and knowledge they show on a weekly basis tends to surpass my expectations, and helps inspire me and be my muse every week.  How could I impart how much these people had touched my life personally.

So when the threat of the series loomed over head, and when these people who had even helped and enriched my life sent out a call for help, the first thing I did was see how much money I had.  $20, and with all of my paycheck basically accounted for after being sick, that meant that that was my food money for next week, yet my heart is big and my mind is small, and I didn’t give a second thought to the matter, what kind of heel would I be if I didn’t help one of my main inspirations?   I then hurredly started a draft to explain all this.

Apparently though, Extra Creditz has earned the respect of many more people than any of us thought, within 5 hours of posting the link seen here, they’d raised $20,000.  People rallied together, and the cause I was ready to bother people for, was already taken care of.

I know tears flowed from my eyes watching that last night, every time I checked the page it had gone up another 10-15% and I wondered how many of them had their lives touched by Extra Creditz crew, or were simply just decent human beings.  So despite being sick enough I can barely sit up to type, I had to post this message, to thank everyone who managed to fill my heart with pride, who managed to humble my opinion on what was necessary to get any assistance, to melt some of the jade and cynicism around my heart.  To all of you, thank you.

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