Poetry About Gaming.

Those tears that you cried last night,
Don’t seem important this fight.
You tell your firerat to hyper beam,
The dragon falls with a scream.

Soon the battle’s over and done,
You took some losses, but you won.
Then the pains of life rush back,
So you pick the next game to attack.

You run along the ground this time,
Kiting jellyflish and splitting slime,
Your huntress bow and glave hit home,
Teleporter to the next place to roam.

Chests and loots and droids that fly,
In this world you could never cry.
Tesla coils and plasma chains,
Until providence’s life finally drains.

Then the pain comes rushing through,
You look through the library for what to do,
Shooting zombies with three friends,
The excitement feels like it never ends.

Jockey on coach, boomer round the side,
Give the witch a birth round and wide,
Tank comes in and kills a teammate,
But you reach the safe-room, feeling great.

Too soon the zombie campaign is done,
And the clock’s about to strike one,
Friends leave to sleep for work that’s early,
As you sit there, frustrated and surly.

Then you realize you’re mad at yourself,
You pick a new game off the shelf,
Time to hide in another place,
Where you shoot aliens in space.

Lasers strike Andross’ brain,
As your ears hear the rain.
The clock has reached past four,
Your fingers and eyes are really sore.

Your energy drains as you crawl in bed,
Avoid thoughts ending with you dead.
Plan tomorrow’s events really tight,
As you reach over to turn off the light.

You try to plan productive stuff,
But you know it’s all just fluff.
You plan to work out first thing,
For an hour after the alarm does ring.

But you know that hour will be taken,
To convince yourself to awaken.
One by one your plans are shot,
By your heart’s incessant ‘cannot.’

So eventually you give in,
So many games still yet to win.
Where you’re beautiful or strong,
Where you feel like you belong.

Holding you together, tearing you apart,
These games still your broken heart.
Up Up Down Down, Left Right, Left Right,
A, B, Start, throughout the night.

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