Tribute to “the funniest man in the world.”

Tribute to Robin Williams
-Holly Dotson

The world’s darker today without you,
Laughs were had with you by my side,
I doubt I’ll ever put the loss into words,
But for you, Robin Williams, I have tried.

You were a genie granting our wishes,
A doctor who wanted us all to smile,
A father who’d do anything for his kids,
A teacher who made life worthwile.

Robin Hood, after he forgot the magic,
A child cursed to grow up far too fast,
You were a bat out to save Ferngully,
A robot man who was built to last.

Mork, a memory forever in my heart,
A kid who was kidnapped by Jumanji,
Popeye the sailor man had your voice,
You were all of these memories for me.

I won’t ever claim to know the real you,
Or pretend to understand why you died,
You gave me a million laughs and inspired,
And upon your death, I sat and I cried.

The world is a little darker for a while,
It’s just a little harder to find a smile,
O Captain, my Captain I’ll yawp aloud,
Marching a different beat than the crowd.

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