It’s always so hard to sum oneself up in a short amount of space. People who have lived shorter than I have have entire novels about their life, about who they are. So is it fair for me to try to sum myself up in a few sentences? A couple of paragraphs? I think so, but there isn’t particularly a better way to understand me than to get to know me from my writings.

So then I guess the question really becomes why do I write? I write because I enjoy it, and the idea that others might enjoy my take on things. I’ll try to post about certain news in gaming and world of warcraft, but there are sites with far more resources than I have acces to that will deliver news better than I can, but they don’t have my perspective, my feelings, or my thoughts, and that’s what goes into my posts.

And lastly I guess a small summary about who I am, I’m Holly, a girl gamer, who sucks at RTS, and is anal about beating her head against the keyboard till she’s able to see the ending credits. I’m a geek, I watch anime, I play tabletop rpg’s, and I like bacon. What more is there?